Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Coop

Started a new coop this week, as you can see it is a hoop house. It is amazing what a person can find on the net. I will admit that this is not my idea. I saw a picture on the Internet and copied it. Cattle wire, 3 panels 16 feet long by 4 feet arched over a frame the is 8x 12. This is a great money saver on material. By placing a tarp over the wire keeps out wind and rain. Can easily be place by hand inside or outside depending on the weather. We are going to let the chicken have access to the inside of the pole barn in good weather just for the nest boxes. In the winter time we can bring the hoop house inside to protect it from the weather. When the hoop house is complete I will post new pictures. And more detailed look at our operation.

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