Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Tree

The Tree

A seed falls from it’s perch, caught by the wind
It soars over the fields, the woods, the cities
Until it lights down in a bare and rocky field It’s shell splits open, and green roots sprout
A stem sprouts, and reaches toward the sun
The stem grows twigs and leaves, and a seedling appears

The years go by, and it grows tall and strong
Its roots tear at the rocky ground, uprooting stones
Its green branches fan out to cover the sky in leaves

Birds come and nest in its branches
Deer come to eat from it’’s leaves
And with them they carry seeds

Seeds of poplar, of oak, of maple
Of grasses, of flowers, of bushes and ivy

Together they grow, together they spread
The tree stands above them. Father and monarch
Of a mighty forest

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