Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting Ready for spring.

Getting ready for spring, Made a new stand for the compost barrel. This makes it easier to turn. Also moved it out into the sun, This will make it heat up when the sun comes out. It's not far from the back door so we can take out the kitchen scraps with out to much trouble. We try to turn all of scrap into compost with the barrel. They sell all kinds of compost barrel on the Internet, But you can make this set up without a lot of cost.

This the first time I have tried to use cold frames, I found some windows and just made a frame to fit them. the Internet is all the info I had to go by. You can start plants earlier in the spring and have plants later in fall . The glass heats up the box like a green house and the soil warms up in the process. I am getting ready to start some seeds for the spring, but that a little later this month. Also we have made a very large compost Ben.
as most of you know we have few chicken. Our neighbor has some horses so we can get some of his manure for this large compost pile.

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