Thursday, May 14, 2009

Young Golden Comets

HPIM3845 HPIM3849 HPIM3848

      We purchase 10 Golden comets from a friend that got us started Raising Chickens. Fast growers and mature to egg laying age quickly.  All are little baby girls so no roosters in the mix. As of now we have 4 age groups of chickens, the oldest of the younger one are aloud to mix with the main flock with a small space in the fence . Not much trouble so far, the young one pretty much stay together and they have their own water and feed.


  This is One of the Babies that we incubated, they have a chicken tractor away from the main flock. 6 chicks and 3 of them are roosters like this one. Don’t know when we will cull them out. This is the trouble with incubating  you get a mix of chickens. That's all that going on out in the barn, and trying to stay out of the rain. I don’t when we had 3 days of sunshine.

HPIM3841 Just a cool Picture, this is one of a pair of bird that makes it’s nest really close to the house in a Box that I made. most of the time there are Two sitting here.

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madcobug said...

Those chickens are very pretty. The bird looks like it might be a swallow. Helen