Monday, June 29, 2009

A first for Pleasant Point farms. Processing chickens to eat.

The first one to get it.DSCF1390
A sharp knife and firm hand, it over in a second.
We had some of the best know how  that you can find. Sara was the expert on site.DSCF1393
The water  temperature is 150 degree, that is perfect.
DSCF1394 Ethan was a great chicken plucker

Death row for our chickens
GraceAnne is really into washing the feathers off the chickens. “NOT”

           The family had a great time processing the chickens. Aunt Sara was the expert on site, she had done this many times in her life. Ducks and turkeys are not as easy as chickens she said. The water temperature  is key for success”150 degrees” in getting the feathers off. Three good soaking dips, test the tail feathers and the job is done. The assembly line process worked great. Lots of help from all the family, my mother in-law Betty and also brother in-law Danny came by to help. My wife was at work and she said that she was glade. We Processed 8 young chickens in all. They where all rooster that needed to go. The flock has settle down with just one rooster to be in control of everything. The young hens are coming of age, and are joining the flock really well. It won’t be long before we start getting eggs from them. All in all it was a learning process for us all. I think we will do it again in the future.

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