Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The new Puppies are HERE !

New Puppys 2010-09-25 016 New Puppys 2010-09-25 008 On Oct 12 2010 about 1:00 AM the first of three pups arrived, and by 4:00 am they all were here. Zoey took to them really well. There are two girls and one boy, they are doing fine.Black an tan like there mother. Right on time to, 60 days on the dot, she was really nesting the days coming up to the time. She was still really active all through the pregnancy, ball and Frisbee anytime you would take the time to throw it. Everything is doing well.
New Puppys 2010-09-25 009 New Puppys 2010-09-25 013

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madcobug said...

They are beautiful. Helen