Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Chicks / New Plants

2011-04-05 007 2011-04-05 008 

We have new flocks members, 12 Golden Comets pullets from the store. About Two weeks old and doing well. Hopefully they will be laying this fall because the eggs are going really fast. We have some customers that want all the eggs, but we can’t do that,  we have other customers that have been getting eggs a long time. This might be the help we need to keep up our production.

2011-04-05 005 2011-04-05 003

The Plants are coming along well,  flowers and Tomatoes in the small space the in the basement.

Just waiting for it to warm up outside.  And I am waiting also for the weather to warm up a bit more.

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Amber said...

The chicks and the plants are looking awesome!! Good luck on your garden, hope it is growing well.