Tuesday, July 12, 2011



New water project for the summer, lots of ideas from everything I could get my hands on , The web and all the magazines I could look at in Wal-Mart while My wife shopped. No need to buy when you just look at the pictures. Ha Ha!

     The base has to be really strong because the water is really heavy when these barrels are full. 8 lbs. a gallon 150 gallons, just do the math and you have a lot of weight. The barrels fill with a small amount of rain fall, and we have water for animals and most for all the garden. I had all the material to make the base from a decking job I did last summer, the post that was cut short was just the ticket.   3/4 inch pipe fitting worked well,they fit the drums so that how I went. Went with a large barrel type valve for more flow, I have smaller valves on other projects and they tend to be slow when the pressure is low, and tend to plug with debris. This set up works really well. This make six barrels total for our place, garden and flower need lots of water.

See Ya   Randy

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