Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ice all Week and Weekend

Ice was the name of the game this week. I didn't go to work Friday or the kids to school for two days, they loved it. My brother went to Florida

to play golf. I just got off the computer booking him a flight back home

tonight, Because his son is sick and had go to the hospital. Ear infection

and the flu. Poor guy his mother is with him and his Daddy is on his way.

Starting some flower seeds this week. I am learning a lot about the seeding game, There is more to it than meets the eye. Timing is eveything

they say, I might have jump the gun a little but time will tell. Tomato seeds are going in later on.

Chicken are doing well, The rooster is doing his thing. Keeping some fertilize eggs For Mark. He has some room in his incubator for a few more eggs.
I can't wait for spring, I need to work the ground and Play some golf. Green grass green trees and some SUNNY days.

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Flowering Trees said...

Its good for weekend.