Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spring Time Maybe

This could be the weekend that starts it all rolling. Hi temps "60s" Mom and Dad is home from florida. Spring time is in the air.
Getting ready for the new chicks, made a large cage that I hope will hold all of them. Not to fancy just some wire over a frame. I have seen hoop houses on the net and that gave me the idea, and going to make a larger one for the new flock for the summer. Cattle panels will work just fine for this. You can get alot of tips from the net if you just look at the pictures people have taken.
Purchase a new spray handle for the power washer that was in the barn forever and nobody used. Set it up yesterday and blasted everything in site. Cars Trucks lawn mowers Chickens!! no just kidding,they wouldn't
stand still for it. It really work well the motor ran great no problems at all with it.

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