Saturday, January 31, 2009

Power Outage

  DSCF0021  The power outage caused by the ice storm stop the county in it’s track On Wednesday an Ice storm swept thru the state dropping ice on every thing it touched. We where without power for over 40 hours. Allot of people  in the county are still out of power, Most power companies say Sunday at that latest.The temperature drop on Saturday to 5 degree, That made the water freezing a problem.

The egg incubator temperature drop HPIM3761so much we I had to stop the process. I will start the process over when I can collect the right amount of eggs, I am feeding my brother’s cattle while he is out of town. One of his cows had a calf Thursday morning in the snow and ice, The little one is doing great, she is a great mother. Maybe we can get some relief from the weather next week.

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