Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snow is all over the place.

 This is not big news but it has snowed in Kentucky, I think that there is snow down south up north out west and in the east. The roads are pasable but the winds keep the snow plows busy. The kids have been home for Two days, Henry county was out today that makes 3 days for them. But our kids go to Eminence and they were out for 2 days.
    The chicken about to go crazy, a whole new meaning to the word coop up. The snow is drifed all around the barn. I let them in the large part of the barn today, they
made a mess but I think they like it.
   I will be laid off for the next two weeks maybe I can get something done, I'm sure my wife can come up with a list. Getting ready to start new plants from seeds so there are thing to do.


Nancy M. said...

We had snow last weekend and this weekend it's supposed to be 60! Crazy weather!

madcobug said...

We has snow here in AL also. Weather is pretty now but still cool at 27º this morning to get up to 56º today. Helen