Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Seed starting Time

CIMG1619 The light are ready, my bench is full of trays. Can’t wait to sow some seeds. I am going to try something different this year.
CIMG1615 This is my Incubator that we had on hand, the temperature
in the basement is to cool for good seeding, It stays around 60
degrees all year round. Why can’t we put seed cup inside the incubator an set the temperature at the correct setting.
CIMG1612 I have already have tomato and flowers starting to sprout.  3-4 days is all it took. warm soil is what you need.
CIMG1616 I had a fish tank that we stop using this summer, it has a oval front and I just placed it on its back. The florescence lights didn’t
have enough heat to raise the temperature inside the tank. I
placed a 60 watt bulb inside the tank and block the front
opening this did the trick.
CIMG1621 This the whole operation, I will see if it does as good as I hope. It might work to good and I will have too many flowers, no that not possible.!

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